The end of the coronavirus pandemic is coming, but unfortunately, it’s not here yet. Yes, the vaccine trials look promising, and therapeutics are improving, but for now, businesses still need to stay on top of their COVID-19 safety measures. Below are just a few ways you can ensure your workplace can remain current with OSHA and WHO guidance

Clean high touch surfaces regularly

Yes, COVID-19 is an airborne illness, but when someone who is infected coughs, talks or exhales, they can release microscopic droplets of infected fluid. According to the WHO, it’s possible for people to catch the coronavirus if they touch their eyes, nose, or mouth after touching a contaminated surface. As such, you’ll want to make sure that high-touch surfaces, such as door handles, the office coffee pot, microwave, light switches, and others, are sanitized several times a day. Making sure your office is clean and hygienic can help prevent the virus’ spread.

Be cautious when holding in-person meetings

If you need to sit down with your staff, and hosting a Zoom call isn’t a viable alternative, you’ll want to take steps to ensure both you and your staff remain protected. There is always a chance that someone who attends the meeting, may unwittingly bring the virus with them.

Among the best ways to meet safely, is to consider holding the meeting outdoors. (Since SWFL isn’t impacted by cold winter weather, an outdoor, socially distanced meeting may be a viable alternative to holding something indoors.) If your employees do need to be closer than 6’ away from one another, make sure that everyone wears a mask. Lastly, make sure that hand sanitizer is readily available.

Develop a contingency plan

The best way to ensure your business can keep running if one or more of your employees becomes infected, is to develop a contingency plan.  For example, can you offer paid employee leave to employees who have symptoms present, or who may have been exposed? Do you have a communication plan in place designed to notify staff, clients and other people who have been present in your workplace, if they’ve potentially been exposed?

Partner with a commercial cleaning service

Among the best ways to ensure your workplace remains safe, is to partner with a company that offers COVID-19 disinfecting services. For more information about how TJS Janitorial and Floor Care has been helping keep local businesses clean and sanitized, call our office today to speak with a customer care agent in your area.

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