If you think about it, you can probably think of at least one person in your orbit that’s sensitive to strong smells. Some people are averse to certain types of cuisine, while others can’t stand the smell of cologne or perfume. (One woman we know can’t stand the smell of laundry detergent- and she can only wash her clothes using “Free and Clear” soap and fabric softener.)

Having a sensitive nose is a very real thing—which means if you’re commercial cleaning company is scouring your office with harsh chemicals and cleaners- you run the risk of offending your clients. You also run the risk of making your staff (or coworkers) sick.

Suffice to say, working with commercial cleaners who use eco-friendly, biodegradable products isn’t just good for the environment- it’s good for your bottom line. Below are just a few of the reasons that your cleaning crew should use green products and solutions.

They smell better

No one likes walking into a business that stinks of bleach or ammonia. Not only can the scent be irritating to people’s eyes, but it can also lead them to develop an upset stomach. One of the most notable benefits of using green products is that their scents tend to be much less potent (and much more pleasant.)

It’s better for the planet

Most wastewater winds up in the ground or in the ocean—and when that wastewater is filled with toxic chemicals, it’s polluting the environment. When you hire a company that “cleans green” you can rest assured you’re doing your part to protect local plants and wildlife.

Green products leave less buildup

Chemical-based cleaners often lead to build up. For example, have you noticed that if you clean your closet mirrors with store-bought glass cleaner, it tends to leave streaks? But if you move to a solution of vinegar and water, your household mirrors are just as clean (if not cleaner) and streak free?  Although mirrors are the most obvious example, just imagine the amount of buildup that chemical-based cleaners leave on your floors, furniture, and door handles.

In closing

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of hiring commercial cleaners who know how to clean green, call TJS Janitorial & Floor Care today to speak with a customer service expert in your area. Call today to learn why we’re the most word-of-mouth referred service provider in the region.

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