If you’ve been doing some major construction or even some mid-level remodeling, you know how much dust accumulates. You are probably wondering how to clean up this monumental amount of construction debris. Keep reading to see the top 5 benefits of hiring a professional for your post-construction cleaning.

Cleaning Safety

Regardless of if you are in the mid-clean stage or the construction final cleaning phase, many people and crews are on a construction site. There is always an opportunity for accidents to happen due to machinery, demolition, and airborne materials.  Commonly, there may be nails, exposed wires, or other dangerous materials still present on the construction site. Professional cleaning crews are equipped with the proper skills and training to prevent injuries to themselves or others. Another critical part of safety is hiring a licensed and insured company, which protects you should someone be injured while cleaning your property.

Detailed Clean

Quality Matters when it comes to cleanliness. Professionals know the proper technique to meticulously remove the dust and dirt guaranteed when dealing with construction. Cleaning crews are ready to get into the hard-to-reach areas and pay attention to your space that it deserves. They know all the spots that dust can hide.


Construction to your company can disrupt your everyday operations. Working with a professional can expedite you and your employees returning to the workplace as soon as possible. Since there are many moving parts on a construction site, it is vital that cleaning occurs in the most efficient way possible. A professional can communicate with the other contractors to ensure that certain areas are no longer under construction. Effective interaction and understating ensure that spaces are not needing to be re-cleaned every time someone needs to come in and install switches, extra cabinetry, lights, etc. Professional cleaning crews know how to work smarter!

No Damage to your Surfaces

While there is a risk of screws and nails scratching your countertops and cabinetry, professionals can ensure that surfaces and flooring remain scratch and damage-free with the proper equipment and cleaning agents. Excellent care takes the knowledge on using the specialized chemicals and the appropriate cleaning materials based on the surface you are cleaning.

Best Way to Save Money

Making the DIY cleaning approach or having your team do it may seem like a money saver at first; however, you will need to purchase quite a bit of equipment and the correct chemicals. Even if there is no damage or need to buy additional items through trial-and-error experiences, this will take quite a bit of time to coordinate.  Not to mention that your staff will be spending their time cleaning instead of doing what they do best for your company. Having your team do the cleaning may even result in a loss of money. Save your company the headache and hire a professional to get the job the right and safe way!

Final Thoughts,

The TJS Janitorial & Floor Care team has years of experience in construction cleaning, both commercially and residentially. For more information on our company, our rates, or to schedule an appointment, call TJS Janitorial & Floor Care today to get started.



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