In our last blog post, we talked about how a clean workplace improves productivity. This week, we wanted to elaborate on that.

A clean environment can help your employees stay focused

Think about it- if you’re sitting in an office and the trash cans are overflowing, the kitchenette area has a strange odor, and the inside of the microwave looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since the day it was bought, that’s probably going to distract you.

No one likes working in an environment that’s dirty, dusty, or has a strange odor.  When an office is clean and uncluttered, this will help your staff stay focused. That, and a focused staff is a productive staff.

It can reduce sick days

Few things can cut down on productivity like a sweeping wave of sick leave.  When you work with professional cleaners, you’ll be partnering with a company that understands how to clean, sterilize, and sanitize high-touch surfaces.

Professional cleaners also know how to rid your workplace of dust, germs, and bacteria. When dust, germs, and bacteria are kept at bay, your employees will be less likely to get sick.

It can make your workplace safer

We get that this one seems a bit odd– but let us explain. Regardless as to whether you run an office or a warehouse, when you keep it clean, your employees will be less likely to get hurt while on the job.

For example, when your floors are kept clean, this reduces the likelihood of slip-and-fall injuries. When your air filtration system is clean (and works properly), this can cut the airborne spread of respiratory infections.  Lastly, when your lights / light fixtures are clean, this will improve the efficiency of your lighting.

Well-lit spaces help prevent accidents.

Keeping a clean office can help you retain your employees

The cost to recruit, hire and train new staff can be substantial. Although workplace cleanliness (or lack thereof) isn’t the top reason people switch jobs, keeping a cluttered, dirty workplace can hurt your employee retention rate.

Improve cleanliness at your workplace

If you have questions about the benefits of professional cleaning and you’re like to speak with an expert, we can help. Call TJS Janitorial and Floor Care today to speak with a customer care agent in your area.  Call today to learn more about our services, rates, and how we use EPA approved cleaning supplies to disinfect for COVID-19.

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