As COVID-19 infection rates continue to climb in parts of the state, it’s imperative the business owners do everything they can to keep their workplaces clean and disinfected.

According to data from the CDC, cleaning and disinfecting is an important part of keeping public places, including offices and showrooms, safe for workers and customers. The CDC also recommends the following:

Other things to keep in mind

The CDC reminds the public that coronavirus can remain on surfaces for hours, and in some cases, days, before they die naturally. Although warmer weather (and sunlight) can reduce the time that the virus remains viable, precaution measures should still be taken.

Encourage your customers to practice CDC-recommended safety measures

Doctors recommend that all people wear face coverings, such as bandanas or cloth masks, while out in public.  Do not buy and stock medical-grade N95 masks unless you work in a hospital, nursing home or medical setting (leave those for the doctors, nurses and first responders. N95 masks continue to be in short supply.)

Be sure to keep lots of hand sanitizer on hand for your staff and your customers. Most businesses have set up hand sanitizing stations at their front desk or in some cases, just inside the front door.

Consider a Commercial Cleaning Service

The team at TJS Janitorial and Floor Care is committed to helping our clients provide safe, sanitized work spaces for their employees and customers. For more information on our cleaning and sterilization techniques, the methods we use to get the job done or to schedule a free, no-cost office cleaning estimate, call us today to get started.

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