Top 3 Germiest Things in Your Office

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Most offices don’t have a professional cleaning crew come in every night—which means you (and your staff) will want to do their best to clean and sterilize in between appointments. If you’re curious about which things in your office are the germiest (i.e. which things you’ll want to clean on the regular), below are the […]

Top 4 Ways to Keep Your Office Clean Between Commercial Cleanings

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If you’re working with professional cleaners, you already know how nice your office feels the day after they come.  But there are very few (if any) companies that have their offices cleaned every night. If you’re among the millions of companies that uses your cleaning crew on a once weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, this […]

Cleaning the Dirtiest Spots in Your Workplace

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If you’ve ever wondered about the dirtiest places in an office, the kitchen and bathroom probably come to mind. Yet most people are surprised to learn that these are not the dirtiest spots in a workplace. Why? Because bathrooms and kitchens are

How Often Should I Have My Office Cleaned?

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If you’re thinking about hiring a professional janitorial service, you might be wondering how often you should have your office cleaned.  Once a week? Once a month? The answer to that question is “it depends.”

More COVID-19 Office Cleaning Tips

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If you’re thinking about bring some (or more) employees back to the office, you’ll need to stay on top of COVID-19 disinfecting measures. Below are just a few of the ways you can keep yourself, your staff, and your clients safe. Wipe it down You’ll want to sanitize and disinfect high touch surfaces on

Tip COVID-19 Disinfecting Tips for Businesses in SWFL

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As COVID-19 infection rates continue to climb in parts of the state, it’s imperative the business owners do everything they can to keep their workplaces clean and disinfected. According to data from the CDC, cleaning and disinfecting is an important part of keeping public places, including offices and showrooms, safe for workers and customers. The […]

COVID Preventative Measures to Sanitize Your Office

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Now that people are slowly starting to head back to the workplace, doing everything you can to keep your staff and clients safe is paramount. If you’re looking for ways to keep your office safer during the coronavirus pandemic, this blog is for you.