In our last blog post we talked about some of the ways you can ready your office for 2021— but for this post, we wanted to talk about professional floor cleaning.  Why? Because while dusting and de-cluttering are one thing, cleaning your floors is another. Below are a few of the signs it’s time to call a pro.

Your rug looks dirty and stained

A few weeks ago, we heard a radio commercial, where someone asked their friend if they were keeping their home’s “largest filter” clean.  And while the other person in the commercial asked whether that meant cleaning the furnace or HVAC filters, the narrator replied, “no, I’m talking about the carpet.”

Yes, it may sound a bit weird, but your home and office carpet are giant air filters. In addition to filtering out things that are brought in from the outside, such as dirt, asphalt, dust, and fungus, it also traps germs, microbes and crumbs of food.

Vacuuming your carpet is good, but it’s not enough. When your carpet gets to the point that it’s saturated with pollutants, you’ll need to hire professional floor cleaners to get them out.

Your tile looks dull

Do you operate a showroom? If so, you’ll want to make sure your floor tile is in tip-top shape. If the floor tile has started to look dull, it may be time to hire a commercial cleaning service. If needed, the company can also help you with tile and grout cleaning, floor stripping and floor waxing. If you have questions about what service you need, we’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

Your office lacks a cleaning schedule

Are you working with a commercial cleaning company that provides services on a regular basis? If not, do you recall the last time you had your floors professionally cleaned? If the answer is no, then it’s time to call a janitorial cleaning company in your area.

In closing

There are lots of telltale signs that indicate it’s time to hire a floor cleaning company. For more information about the benefits of professional floor care, how frequently you should have it done, or to learn more about our company (and get a free quote), call TJS Janitorial and Floor Care today to speak with a customer service agent. Be sure to ask about our 15% off special for your first floor-care treatment



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