2020 has been a tough year- but thankfully, 2021 is just around the corner. From the Australian brush fires, to COVID-19, to the death of Kobe Bryant, most of us agree January can’t get here fast enough.  December is almost over—and if you haven’t started to compile your new year’s resolutions, you still have some time left. Below are just a few of the reasons that hiring a commercial cleaning service should be added to the list.

It can motivate you to free up storage space

Cabinets and drawers often transform into a black hole for office items that should have been tossed into the trash. One manager we spoke with recalled how, when he finally cleaned out the office closets, he found stacks of old, unused (and unneeded) binders, coffee mugs from a conference they hosted in 2010, and bags of ballpoint pens (from that same conference) that no longer worked. In many instances, when people hire a commercial cleaning service, it motivates them to clean out (and free up) their office’s storage space.

It can reduce the spread of illness

If there’s one thing that COVID-19 has taught us, it’s that airborne viruses can spread quickly.  Having your office professionally (and thoroughly) cleaned can help keep your staff healthier. Remember- there’s a big difference between wiping down the kitchenette and taking out the trash—and having your office sanitized by professionals.

It can improve employee morale

No one wants to work in what appears to be a dirty, unhealthy environment. If your carpets are stained, your tile floors are scuffed, and your desks are covered in dust, it’s going to take a toll on employee morale.  Individuals who work in a fresh-smelling, clean, pristine-looking environment, have much higher levels of satisfaction with their workplace.

High-quality cleaning can help your floors and furniture last longer

When you hire a commercial cleaning service (that can also help professionally clean your floors), you’ll often find this can help extend the life of your carpets, your tile flooring, and your office furniture.  The savings in not needing to replace these items sooner than later—can be significant.

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