If you’re thinking about hiring a professional janitorial service, you might be wondering how often you should have your office cleaned.  Once a week? Once a month? The answer to that question is “it depends.”

There are lots of factors that need to be considered

If you own an appliance showroom or car dealership, you’ll want to schedule regular cleanings. In addition to helping keep your floors and high-touch surfaces disinfected (which can help prevent the spread of germs, viruses, bacteria, and COVID-19), it will help keep your showroom sparkling. If your customers arrive and find dirty light switches, sticky floors and foul odors emanating from your trash bins, they’re likely to take their business elsewhere.

A second thing that needs to be factored into how often your office should be cleaned, relates to how many employees you have. For example, an office that staffs 30 people will have greater cleaning needs than an office that staffs 3.  It’s also worth noting that larger spaces often need to be cleaned more often than small spaces.

If you have a lot of employees, your floors should be cleaned at least once a week. On the other hand, if you only have a few staff members, you might be able to do this every other week.

The COVID factor

When it comes to determining the frequency of commercial cleaning services, we should also address the pink elephant in the room. Namely, a suspected fall resurgence of COVID-19 infection rates.

As a result of the pandemic, fewer people are “out and about,” and lots of employees are still working from home. People who do venture out to buy cars, appliances, clothes, etc. often want to know the steps that a business is taking to keep them safe. As such, opting to have your business cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected regularly, will give your customers added peace of mind.

The same holds true if you’re wanting to bring your staff back to the office. Regularly scheduled cleanings will not only help reduce the likelihood that illness will spread at the workplace, it can help your staff feel better about coming back to the office.

In closing

For more information about the benefits of professional janitorial services, or to learn more about our services, rates and how we disinfect against COVID-19, call TJS Janitorial and Floor Care today to get started.  Collier and Lee County customers can reach us at 239-451-0785, and Hillsborough, Pinellas, & Sarasota County customers can contact us at 813-532-7765.

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