Now that people are slowly starting to head back to the workplace, doing everything you can to keep your staff and clients safe is paramount. If you’re looking for ways to keep your office safer during the coronavirus pandemic, this blog is for you.

Adhere to CDC guidance

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there is evidence that COVID-19 can remain viable for hours, and in some cases, days on different types of surfaces. Suffice to say, it’s imperative that every workplace develops sanitation and workplace safety guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus.

In addition to encouraging staff to wash their hands often, you’ll also want to encourage them to keep their workstations disinfected. For example, you might recommend your employees disinfect their computer keyboards, desktop telephones and mouse pads at the start of every shift (immediately after they wash their hands.)

You may also want to have shared bathrooms cleaned and disinfected several times throughout the day, paying close attention to high-touch surfaces such as soap dispensers, light switches, flush handles and door handles. Make sure that trash cans are emptied at least once (if not multiple times) per day.

Lastly, you can support employee hygiene by making hand sanitizer, alcohol-based cleaning wipes and/or other types of disinfectant wipes regularly available.

Consider hiring a professional sanitizing service

Regardless as to how large or small your office is, hiring a professional janitorial service can hep improve COVID-19 safety within your workplace.  When you hire a commercial cleaning company, be sure to choose one that has a reputation for integrity, accountability, honesty, and professionalism.

Ask about the types of products they use to clean and disinfectant workplaces, and how much experience they have in helping companies, like yours, keep their offices clean during the pandemic.

About TJS Janitorial and Floor Care

TJS Janitorial and Floor Care is a commercial cleaning service in Naples, FL that prides itself on using safe, EPA-approved disinfectants and sanitizers that are designed to clean your entire workplace quickly, safely and efficiently. All of our employees are trained, and background checked, so you can rest assured that we’re committed to meeting your high standards.

For more information on how TJS Janitorial and Floor Care can not only meet, but exceed your expectations, call our office today at 239-451-0475 to speak with a customer care agent. Or contact us by eMail.

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