The year 2020 was unlike anything we could have imagined, and while the ongoing vaccine distribution efforts are a good thing, we’re not out of the woods yet. Suffice to say, you’ll want to keep up your COVID-19 safety measures for at least the first half of the year.

Starting from the top

If you and your staff are working in in-office, make sure everyone is wearing a mask. Keep hand sanitizer throughout your workplace in central locations, including bathrooms, by the front door, in the kitchen and on the reception desk.  Encourage your staff to wash their hands frequently and to keep their desks clean.

If someone needs to blow their nose, remind them that their tissues should be discarded in the trash (as opposed to being placed on the top of their desk.) Make sure that wastebaskets, including those in the kitchen, under desks and in the bathroom, are emptied daily.

How to disinfect COVID-19: Sanitize regularly

Sanitizing your front door handles and desk phones are good, but there are other surfaces you’ll want to pay close attention to. Examples include kitchen cabinet handles, drawer handles, the office coffee pot, refrigerator handles and the microwave keypad and door handle. Be sure to sanitize light switches, bathroom faucet handles, and desktop items such as stablers, staple removers, and other frequently touched items, such as doorknobs, handrails, drinking fountains, computer keyboards, input devices and mouses / mouse pads.

Most experts recommend that enhanced disinfection and cleaning methods should be performed at least once a day, however, the frequency of cleaning can be modified based on how many people you have working in your office. The more people you have onsite, the more frequently you’ll want to clean.

Partner with a Naples, FL commercial cleaning service

If you and your staff have been working to keep your office clean, but you’re interested in learning more about professionally implemented COVID preventative measures, we can help. The team at TJS Janitorial and Floor Care has years of experience in helping our clients sanitize, clean and disinfect their offices. We’re well-versed in coronavirus preventative cleaning and we know how to disinfect your entire facility quickly, efficiently, and safely.

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