One of the biggest concerns that business owners have amidst the global pandemic relates to how to effectively disinfect their offices and showrooms. Sure, you could wipe everything down with bleach all of the time, but bleach has a strong, harsh odor that can be irritating to your staff and/or customers.

Some people have wondered if other commercial cleaners, such certain brands of pine-scented, will do the trick. The answer that question, is “likely no.” Although most pine-scented cleaners are antibacterial, but they aren’t often anti-viral.

There are tons of widely known “COVID-19 safety approved” antiviral cleaning agents, many of which you’ve likely heard of. There are also lots of other, commercially used cleaning products, that can be used to effectively disinfect your workplace.

Once you find an EPA-approved disinfectant, you’ll want to use the following tips to help you lower the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

Wipe down and sanitize high-touch surfaces often

High-touch surfaces include things such as door and drawer handles, light switches, bathroom and kitchen faucets, toilets, sinks, computer and laptop keyboards, computer mouses and mouse pads and other items that sit atop your desks and countertops.

When it comes to cleaning computers, you do not want to use a soaking wet rag or towel to clean them. Instead, use damp disinfecting wipe or paper towel that has been lightly sprayed with the product. This will help ensure you can protect your electronics while you’re removing harmful bacteria and germs.

Consider a shoe-cleaning station

Several weeks ago, we spoke with a woman who had a doctor’s appointment that couldn’t be delayed.  When she arrived at the medical office, there was a shallow, rectangular pan that was located just inside the front door.  In the pan, she said, was a large sponge that had been soaked in a disinfectant solution. As she walked into the office, she was asked to step into the pan (and onto the sponge) as a means of disinfecting the bottoms of her shoes.

Encourage handwashing and provide hand sanitizer

Lastly, encourage all of your employees to wash their hands often. Be sure to provide hand sanitizing lotion at various locations throughout your showroom or office, such as at the front desk, at a table inside the front door, and at cash register and checkout stations.

We can get through this together

For more information about how to keep your workplace disinfected, or to learn more about TJS Janitorial and Floor Care can help enhance your COVID preventative measures, call our office today at 239-451-0785 to learn more.

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