If you’ve ever wondered about the dirtiest places in an office, the kitchen and bathroom probably come to mind. Yet most people are surprised to learn that these are not the dirtiest spots in a workplace.


Because bathrooms and kitchens are cleaned regularly. Suffice to say- the germiest places in an office are the places that don’t get a lot of attention.

Door handles

How many doors do you have in your office? How many employees do you have? How many customers visit your business on a daily basis? When you think about it, there are lots and lots of hands that touch your door handles regularly.

If your door handles aren’t being sanitized and sterilized, they could foster the spread of bacteria and germs.

The office microwave

Do you know what else gets touched a lot, by lots of different people? The microwave. Although most people understand the importance of wiping down the inside of the microwave, they don’t often pay as much attention to wiping down the outside of the microwave—namely, the touch pad and handle. The handle and microwave buttons should be sanitized and sterilized often.

The office coffee pot

This is another item that’s touched multiple times a day by multiple people. Rinsing out the coffee pot is one thing, sanitizing the handle (and sanitizing the buttons on the coffee machine) should be done at least once a day.

Desks can be a hotbed for germs and bacteria

Desks are dirty for a laundry list of reasons. People work, eat and snack at their desks. People sneeze at their desks, and sometimes, dirty tissues wind up atop them (instead of in the trash bin.) By one estimate, the average office desk is more than 400 times germier than the office toilet. Suffice to say, desks should also be wiped down and sanitized regularly.

How professional cleaners can help

When you work with TJS Janitorial & Floor Care, you’ll be working with a team of seasoned professionals that understand the ins and outs of commercial cleaning. We can help you clean and disinfect your office, warehouse or showroom and we’ll use EPA approved methods to disinfect for COVID-19. We only use natural, plant-based, chemical-free cleaning solutions and our employees are vigorously trained on our cleaning and quality control procedures.

For more information about our company, our rates, and our service areas, call us today to speak with a customer care agent.


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