In the days of COVID-19, making sure your workplace is safe for your employees and your clients is more important than ever.  Although most businesses use a cleaning service, the level of cleaning that’s done can vary widely.

For example, some companies do little more than vacuum the floors and take out the trash. What this means, is that dirt, dust, pollen, allergens and other types of germs will linger. If the blinds and upholstery aren’t being cleaned on a regular basis, you’re not doing your staff (or your customers) any favors.

For this post, the experts at TJS Janitorial & Floor Care wanted to highlight 4 key benefits of hiring commercial cleaners.

You’ll improve your indoor air quality

As we just noted, if your cleaning service only focuses on emptying the trash bins and sweeping /vacuuming your floors, they’re not removing things that impair indoor air quality- namely—dust, pollen, and dirt. The US Environmental Protection Agency has said that poor air quality is among the 5 biggest risks to people’s health—and this was before COVID-19.

Your staff and your customers will feel safer

If you’re trying to get people to come into your storefront, you’ll need to establish safety standards. Consumers feel much better coming into a business that looks and feels clean. If you have staff that’s working onsite, taking steps to ensure the facility’s cleanliness will make them feel more at ease.

Your staff may be more productive

If your staff is concerned about their health, welfare and safety, this is going to dent their productivity. Especially now, hiring commercial cleaners isn’t just responsible, it will give your employees the assurance that you’re doing everything you can to keep them safe. This can lead to a marked uptick in productivity.

Your business will seem more professional

Business that maintain a clean environment not only have a more professional appearance; they have a more professional “feel.” For example, there’s a big difference between walking into a clean car dealership showroom and a dirty one. Using that same example, which dealership would you buy from? Keeping your business pristine will not only help your customers feel more at ease, it may help you grow your business.

For more information on the benefits of working with commercial cleaners in SWFL, call TJS Janitorial & Floor Care today to learn more. Call us today to learn why we’re the top ranked janitorial and floor care service provider in the state.

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